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Markco Media

Head of Development

The Brief

Markco Media has a suite of online discount and ticketing websites across a number of territories. The company experienced rapid growth and as such their existing software platform was not able to cope with the demand of millions of visitors a month.
The challenge was to transition smoothly from separate platforms for each territory a new unified platform without any loss of service or disruption to the business. This was achieved over a period of 15 months, during which my team:
  • Analysed the current business practices and gathered requirements
  • Revamped the design of the websites with a modern responsive layout
  • Designed new workflows to streamline content input and other critical business functions
  • Created administration system with roles and permissions for levels of access
  • Created a common technology platform for all voucher sites and to be used within the group
  • Set up working procedures and documentation standards within the department
  • Set up detailed visitor analysis to analyse KPIs and effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Completed third-party integrations with bulk mail providers, advertising partners and merchants
  • I was actively involved in the hiring process and successfully expanded the team of developers and provided training and mentoring, as well as keeping a hands-on approach to the development and architecture of the platform.
    The redevelopment programme played a key part in the sale of Markco Media to Monitise in June 2014.



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