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LGC Group

Product Catalogue App

The Brief

Build an app which can be used by the sales team when visiting clients and attending conferences. The app needed to run on Windows laptops and tablets with full functionality when no internet connection was available.
The app features a product search on over 100,000 items as well as a catalogue of information relating to LGC's services, and the search facility needs to return results quickly from that large data set.
The app synchronises when an internet connection is available, both data and updated versions of the app.
  • Gathered requirements and planned the screens and functionality
  • Created a custom JavaScript and HTML5 framework for running on desktop and tablet
  • Created an offline indexed database in JavaScript with search capabilities
  • Created a synchronisation system with a server-side API feeding from LGC's product database
  • Provided full documentation at every stage of the process from planning to deployment
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