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A World Without Playing Cards

Playing cards are the essence of the most recognizable games played today. Where would we be without this amazing invention?
Card games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment. At first, they were considered to be art pieces, and some are actually quite beautiful, but it didn't take long until humans started using them to test their skills. As people we have a natural instinct to prove we are better than the next, and card games have provided an outlet for this desire for quite some time.
If it wasn't for the first person who decided that these cards could be used to play games of skill, our whole world may have been different. Imagine a place where old folks were left playing dice games instead of Rummy or Gin. What if we had no games such as UNO or Spades to pass the time with our families? Granted we would probably find other forms of entertainment, but think of all the memories created playing these popular games with our loved ones.
Perhaps more striking is the possibility of a world without gambling. The oldest forms of gambling can be dated back to ancient China where they used a form of Bingo to raise funds for the governments. But, most ways to gamble in today's world revolve around playing cards. If you only had Bingo to choose from, we would have no Vegas, no Atlantic City and no grand hotels that have become just as an icon as the cities themselves.
What if, we had no internet? This is a leap and possibly unimaginable, but let's be honest with ourselves, the internet was invented for two things: Adult videos and online casinos. There would probably be no online casinos if we had no playing cards. Most games in a casino consist of cards such as Blackjack, Baccarat, poker, and many more. Even games that don't use cards were once created with playing card in mind.
Online pokies games are one of the better examples of this fact. The originals used kings, queens and other face cards as the symbols on the reels. The early slot machines had fruit and other symbols, but most of them used playing cards as their symbols. Even video poker would not be around had it been for the absence of these cards. These types of gambling games are the most played in the world and a casinos main income. Now games from companies like rtg slots have exploded in popularity. You can take a look for yourself at www.gamblingph.co.uk where hundreds of games are indexed and explained.
It's impossible to say that we would never have any of these things had playing cards not been created, but it's safe assumption that the world would be quite different. The famous World Series of Poker would not have been created and the WPT as well. Even my grandmother watches the WPT on television. All of this is simply a fun little theory, but it makes you think what we would really be doing had it not been for cards.


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