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3D Graphics

Hardware & software rendering

Recent Updates

WEBGL - 16/Jan/2015

Test recordings from FractalToy

WEBGL - 29/Jan/2014

Full colour fractal with lighting and toon shading

WEBGL - 9/Sep/2012

More raycasting steps for a sharper image

WEBGL - 26/Dec/2010

Creating bumpy surfaces by perturbing the surface normal at each point

OPENGL - 27/Jan/2008

Analytical reflections in OpenGL

FLASH 3D ENGINE - 18/Mar/2007
FLASH 3D ENGINE - 4/Mar/2007

Flash 3D Engine with real-time shadows

JAVA 3D ENGINE - 13/Nov/2005

3D Engine with scene graph and cartoon rendering style

FLASH 3D ENGINE - 12/Sep/2005

Giving the look of a shiny sphere using a temi-transparent overlay

FLASH 3D ENGINE - 25/May/2005
FLASH 3D ENGINE - 24/Sep/2004

Adding the famous drunken effect by inserting a distortion into the render pipeline.

JAVA 3D ENGINE - 3/Jan/2001

Instead of rotating the cube the texture can be warped and the cube and view point can remain static

JAVA 3D ENGINE - 11/Jun/2001

Using a postprocessing effect which finds outlines using discontinuities in the Z-buffer

OPENGL - 18/Jan/2000


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